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Documenting Police Tech in Our Communities
with Open Source Research
  • ? Cameras attached to fixed locations or to patrol cars that are used to track license plates.
  • ? Video cameras that police attach to their uniforms to record interactions with the public.
  • ? A voluntary registry of privacy security cameras people have installed on their properties.
  • ? Devices that masquerade as legitimate cell-phone towers to surveillance people's phones.
  • ? Remote-controlled aerial vehicles that police use to gather footage from the sky.
  • ? Software that can identify or verify the identity of an individual using their face.
  • ? Intelligence centers that enable information sharing between local, state, tribal, territorial, and federal agencies.
  • ? A system of acoustic sensors mounted on street lights or on the sides of buildings that passively listen for gunshots.
  • ? Software that suggests neighborhoods or individuals for further law enforcement attention.
  • ? Real-Time Crime Centers are hubs where police ingest and analyze surveillance video, intelligence, and data from a number of sources in real-time.
  • ? Police negotiate partnerships with Ring to promote home surveillance devices and neighborhood watch app to private residents.
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Showing data for: Cabot Police Department

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Agency City County State Technology Vendor
Cabot Police Department Cabot Lonoke County AR Body-worn Cameras
The Cabot Police Department uses body-worn cameras.

Social media (Cabot Police Department Facebook page)
Budgeting document (Department of Finance and Administration Office of Intergovernmental Services)

Agency: Cabot Police Department
State: AR
Technology: Body-worn Cameras

The Cabot Police Department uses body-worn cameras.