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Documenting Police Tech in Our Communities
with Open Source Research


June 18, 2024: Added new and updated drone data.


June 12, 2024: Added new data on cell-site simulators and a large number of new Flock Safety ALPR entries


June 3, 2024: Added several hundred new items, including a data set from the federal Small, Rural, Tribal Body-worn Camera program.


March 8, 2024: We have removed the entire category of Ring/Neighbors partnership from the Atlas following Amazon's news that it would no longer facilitate police requests for footage through the platform. We have also added a new category, Third-Party Investigative Platforms, which is currently in beta. You can read more about these changes here. In addition, the latest update includes new data on body-worn cameras in the state of Ohio. We have also removed San Diego Police Department's Shotspotter system from the database, as well as a few other small adjustments to the data, such as updating links and correcting place names.